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Diocese of Bougainville Maintains Awareness

The Diocese of Bougainville has maintained the Covid-19 State of Emergency orders and awareness despite persistence from parishioners to attend Mass. This was confirmed by Caretaker of the Diocese, Fr. Polycarp Kaviak on Tuesday 19thMay 2020.


He said that the Diocese adhered to restrictions imposed by the government and Church authorities since Day-1 of the declared State of Emergency. Despite the lockdown, he said the Church broadcasted mass over the radio to connect with its faithful. He stated that due to the lockdown the work force was reduced and selected offices were retained to maintain the Diocese's operation. 



The Apostolic Administrator to the Catholic Diocese of Bougainville, His Grace Archbishop Francesco Panfilo sdb is calling on the priests and the faithful of Bougainville to pray for the election of a new bishop for Bougainville. In his May 19 circular addressed to the priests and the faithful of Bougainville, the Archbishop expressed that it has now reached nine months after the passing of the late bishop Bernard Unabali and the canonical process for the election of a new bishop is still ongoing thus prayerful support from the people is necessary to invoke divine intervention. A prayer for the election of the new bishop has been composed and the faithful is asked to recite it before or after every Mass celebration. Priests are also asked to offer a Mass each for the election of the bishop each week. 

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