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Media Students produce 18 short films

2 MES 3 Group 1
2 Presentation Action song - I see your
2 Limana Vocational Centre students on t
2 Jonathan Fae and Brenth Karol, St Char
2 Elisheba Semi, St Charles students sha
2 DBTI - 1st Prize with Abp Francesco Pa
2 DBTI Lucy Napatalai with camera while
2 De La Salle with Bp Donald Lippert OFM
2 Charlotte Vada on COVID-19 Risc Commun

-         Abigail Seta


Port Moresby: Highlighting the COVID-19 precautionary measures and the environment, Catholic students of the 3rd Media Education Seminar have produced eighteen short films. 


A special screening of these films was held on Sunday, 28thJune and was graced by the presence of Archbishop Francesco Panfilo sdb, Archdiocese of Rabaul, newly appointed Archbishop Rochus Tatamai, Diocese of Kavieng and Bp Donald Lippert, Diocese of Mendi and Bishop Deputy for Social Communications. Also present were Dr Catherine Nongkas PhD, DBTI Vice President for Academic and Technical Affairs; Mrs Bernadette Ove, Jubilee Secondary School Principal; Br. John Pill, La Salle Technical College Principal. 


The three-day seminar brought about productions from students from nine Catholic Agency schools that highlighted films on the COVID-19 Precautionary Measures and on the theme: ‘Keep it Clean. Go Green.’ The productions are as follows:


Films on COVID-19:

1.   The ‘New Normal’ – Don Bosco Technological Institute, Boroko

2.   Wash your hands – Don Bosco Technical School, Gabutu

3.   Social Distancing can save us – Limana Vocational Centre

4.   Cough/Sneeze into your elbow – De La Salle Secondary School

5.   Stay at home – La Salle Technical College

6.   Face-Off – Marianville Secondary School

7.   Social Distancing – Caritas Technical Secondary School

8.   Basic Handwashing – Jubilee Catholic Secondary School

9.   Symptoms of COVID-19 – St Charles Lwanga Secondary School


Films on Environment:

1.   No shoe is too big – Don Bosco Technological Institute, Boroko

2.   Chain of Change – Don Bosco Technical School, Gabutu

3.   Circle of life – Limana Vocational Centre 

4.   The Talking Tree – De La Salle Secondary School

5.   A plants’ struggle – La Salle Technical College

6.   Humanity’s Ignorance – Marianville Secondary School

7.   Ugly Selfie – Caritas Technical Secondary School

8.   Cure to the Environment – Jubilee Catholic Secondary School

9.   The Ripple – St Charles Lwanga Secondary School


“I am impressed with the young people; they are not only consumers, but they are able to produce creative messages. As producers and providers, it is a positive start and I hope these productions are made available to the secular media,” said Archbishop Rochus Tatamai to the students. He encouraged those present to keep it clean and go green as it is a new normal for each of us to care for our common home. 


“As I was watching, I told myself the environment and the future of PNG is in good hands,” said Archbishop Francesco Panfilo. 


As she encouraged the students, Dr Catherine Nongkas stated: “I encourage you to take what you have shown here, to your school and make it happen.” 


Also, speaking to the students was Mrs Bernadette Ove who asked that the films be made available to all the schools as in a way, it will be educational students.  Br John Pill expressed his deep appreciation for the talent and the quality of productions.


Apart from the screening, representatives from each school shared their reflections and experiences on what they had learnt in the seminar. “Prevention is better than cure and right now, we have preventive measures in place. For us to live the new normal, we need to follow the six key messages,” said Gabriel Kila, representative of Don Bosco Technological Institute as he spoke on COVID-19. 


Following the filming and speeches, prizes were given to schools for the best films including scores on students’ behaviour and punctuality throughout the seminar. 


Films on COVID-19:


-      The ‘New Normal’ – Don Bosco Technological Institute, Boroko

2ndPlace - 3 Schools: 

-      Social Distancing – Caritas Technical Secondary School

-      Stay at home – La Salle Technical College

-      Cough/Sneeze into your elbow – De La Salle Secondary School


Films on Environment: 

1stPlace – No shoe is too big – Don Bosco Technological Institute, Boroko

2ndPlace – The Ripple – St Charles Lwanga Secondary School

3rdPlace – A plants’ struggle – La Salle Technical College


On behalf of Caritas Australia, Charlotte Vada commended the students for producing great films and said that the students have given us hope for this country.  


“Young people have proved that they have immense energy and talent that need to be channelled. Giving them an avenue and opening up opportunities will reinforce their convictions and enable them be agents of change”, said Fr Ambrose Pereira sdb as he thanked the participants, animators, guests and all those who have encouraged and supported the event.


The program is a series of seminars hosted by the Social Communications Commission of the Catholic Bishops Conference with the support of Caritas Australia, SIGNIS International, Media personnel, volunteers and several benefactors.

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