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Understanding Addiction and helping the ones affected

  • Nigel Akuani


Port Moresby: Six Grade Twelve students from the St Joseph’s International Catholic School went live on air on 15th May, on the Chat Room Program, at the NBC Radio Station.


The topic of discussion revolved around addiction and how it affected the lives of people, especially young people.  The lively panel gave examples, discussed the behavioural and physical signs, the need for self-evaluation, and advised those suffering from it.


First speaker Rozario Willy introduced the topic and said that addiction was a chronic disease. “Due to consumption of this drug, people create a mentality of dependence or reliance on it, and sadly, this is affecting many of our young in Papua New Guinea.”


Minnie Tamarua gave examples of addictions and emphasized that addictions were not limited to drugs and alcohol. “In this day and age, with the vast advances in technology, various forms of addictions have surfaced, like watching porn. So besides addiction to drugs and alcohol, we now have a technological addiction.”


Speaking on behavioural signs, Robertha Pero, said that young people are under a lot of stress due to addictions.


Nathaniel Ovia said that proper upbringing was crucial to ensuring that a child grows up without any addiction. He said addictions had various physical and mental drawbacks and urged people to refrain from addictive practices. “How you are brought up by your family has a huge impact on the type of person you become in future. The types of morals and ethics you are instilled with as a child influences the decisions you make.”


John Numapo reassured those suffering from addictions to go through a process of self-evaluation. “Question yourself to see where you are. Before trying something out, ask yourself how that decision will impact your life, mentally and physically.


Teacher-in-charge of the group Mrs Roddy Abady said the students spoke and responded well to queries asked from callers. “They had to be prepared because this was their first time discussing an issue on a live-broadcast.”


During the show, two callers rang in. Amber from Gordons said that addiction was a serious issue affecting friends and family, and wanted to know from the panel how they could help those affected. Monika from Erima asked about the type of advice to give friends to prevent them from succumbing to peer pressure. 


The Chat Room Program’s next session will be on Wednesday 22nd May, with students from La Salle Technical College discussing the topic of Leadership.

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