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DBTI students discuss: ‘Safe Family, Happy Family’

- Nigel Akuani

Port Moresby:‘Safe Family, Happy Family’ was the discussion topic for five

students from Don Bosco Technological Institute, Boroko, during the Chat Room fourth session broadcast live on NBC’s Tribe FM 92.0 on 3rdApril, 2019.

Final year Bachelor of Education-Technical student, George Wilson said that marriage from the start was crucial in ensuring that a family grows to ultimately become a safe and happy family. “A proper marriage where there is unconditional and conjugal love is the foundation to a safe and happy family.”

Second Year Instrumentation student Jack Mingi speaking on the aspects of abuse in family said that abuse had various forms and could drastically affect the behaviour of family members if they were victims. “Abuse can be either physical, sexual, emotional, psychological or through neglect. They all have a negative impact on their victims causing them to break away and isolate themselves from families.”

Regina Wayi a student studying Instrumentation said that since the introduction of new technology, they have had a negative effect on the association of family members. “There are good and bad things about technology. Social media has now caused many family members to focus on it rather than focus on the person in front talking to them. Technology has become a barrier in effectively communicating with one another.”

Deborah Nelson quoting Fr Ambrose Pereira sdb, said young people entering into marriage should be academically qualified and financially stable.  She also added, “To be a safe and happy family, God has to be at the centre, where they can find happiness in things they do together.”

Councillor Tessie Soi from the Family Support Centre in Port Moresby General Hospital said the family support centre sees a lot of families experiencing the sad reality of unhappiness. “The reality of many families in PNG, is that there is a lot of abuse happening, and most of the victims do not come forward. I urge the victims who have this situation, to hang in there, you have done well.”  She also encouraged the victims to report abuse and get help.

Tribe FM presenter Hazel Parpa said the responses given by the students was professional. “I was definitely captivated by what they had to say, especially the response Regina gave to David, a single parent, who wanted to know from the panel of students how he could reassure his son that all would be alright”.  Several listeners sent in text messages and questions, but due to lack of time, Vinna Wingur, NBC Tribe presenter had to bring the discussion to a close.  

The students were coordinated by Dr Catherine Nongkas, principal and Media Animator, Lucy Napitalai. The fifth session will be hosted on Wednesday 10th

April at 2:30pm with students from De La Salle Secondary School.

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