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Highlighting social issues through media

  • Abigail Seta


CBC, Gordons: The fourth day of the Social Communication Seminar (SOCOM) on Thursday, 14th February saw discussions on using visual media to highlight the social issues of our country Papua New Guinea.


CBC Secretary for Social Communication, Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb was the facilitator of the session which focused on using photographs to highlight social issues. The issues dealt with were what the participants were interested in such as environmental abuse, Laudato Si, Domestic violence and Christian family values. 


“As media animators, it is important to connect with people and highlight their issues.  Reflect on what emerges in your diocese and use photos to tell a story that will lead to a discussion,” said Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb.  The participants then used had a practical activity to put this into practice.


“Images carry stories and I learned that the most important thing is the person holding the camera. The emotions portrayed speak louder than words,” said one participant. 


In the afternoon, the participants visited the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), Port Moresby studio where they were shown around the newsroom and interact with media personnel.  


“Participants also had the opportunity to sit in the newscasters’ chair and face two cameras and a tele prompter. They were privileged to interview some personnel of NBC on television, NBC radio and Tribe FM. The staff were so kind and open to answer queries and explain the different departments from the production to broadcasting”, said Sr Evangeline Orpilla, from the Diocese of Vanimo.  


The participants were challenged by Fr Ambrose to ensure a greater impact of the audio-visual and the social media.   


“The influence on the mind and heart is proportional to the number of senses involved”, he said.  The productions revealed that the participants were striving to put into practice what they had learnt.

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