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A tribute to Bishop Emeritus Christian Conrad Blouin CMM

The Late Bishop Emeritus Christian Conrad Blouin CMM of the Diocese of Lae
- Fr. Brian Nonde

The late Bishop Emeritus Christian Blouin CMM was born on 1st November 1941 in St.-Sebastien, Quebec, Canada. 


He did his Secondary Education at College de Levi in Levi Quebec in 1955. Prompted by his desire to become a missionary and a priest, Christian Blouin went to another school in 1957, to Mariannhill Mont-Ste-Anne College in Sherbrooke to complete his secondary school training. He entered the Novitiate of the Missionaries of Mariannhill in Rock Forest Quebec in 1962, and then studied Philosophy and Theology at the University of Sherbrooke from 1963-1969. 


He was ordained a priest on 3rd May 1969 by the Archbishop of Sherbrooke, Jean-Marie Fortier. For many years he was a staff member of the Mont-Ste-Anne College in Sherbrooke, he worked there mainly as Dean of Students. Then he made a request to come to Papua New Guinea for mission experience. 


In 1985-86 he was in the Lae Diocese for a year. The experience in Papua New Guinea made a deep impression on him and he felt the call to work in the mission, but he had to return to Canada. Where he continued his work in formation as novice master for two years. In 1989 the late, then Fr. Christian Blouin was transferred to Papua New Guinea.


He was working in various places within the Diocese of Lae. He was at first, parish priest of the All Saints Parish in the Bumbu settlement. Later was assigned to the St. Patrick's Parish in the Tent City settlement. This was during the floods in Bumbu, people were resettled there, and they pitched up tents for shelter, and so the name today Tent City settlement. Thus, it was there that he carefully built up the young community and developed a bare block of land into a flourishing station with a parish church, a community hall and a Primary School from Elementary up to grade 8. The Catholic community at St. Patricks' as we have it now is clearly a stamp of the mission work of the late Bishop Emeritus Christian Blouin.


As a priest in the diocese, he was also chaplain of the Charismatic Renewal Movement and in his Congregation in PNG he was provincial superior from 1993-99.


In 2002 he was entrusted with the formation of Mariannhill priest candidates at Bomana and was engaged in the setting up of a house of formation at Bomana, of which he was rector from 2002-2005. Then he was assigned to Lae again where he oversaw formation of candidates for Mariannhill and at the same time looked after the St. Martin’s Parish as parish priest. 


Then His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI appointed him as Bishop of Lae succeeding Bishop Henery van Lieshout. Bishop van Lieshout was the first of the diocese which had been a Vicariate Apostolic since its erection in 1959. The news of the appointment of Bishop Christian Blouin was released by the Vatican press on 5th January 2007. 


His consecration and installation as Bishop of Lae Diocese took place on 5 May 2007. The Emeritus Bishop Christian Blouin CMM has been the bishop of Lae Diocese for 12 years.  His task included relief efforts as he was part of the Caritas board. 


On October 10, 2018 Pope Francis appointed Fr. Rozario Menezes, a Monfortian missionary as his successor. On December 15, 2018, Rozario Menezes SMM became the third bishop of Lae Diocese.


May the Lord grant Emeritus Bishop Christian Blouin eternal rest in his kingdom. May he reward him for his service to the Diocese and other places where he ministered as a missionary, religious and clergy. 

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