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Highlighting commitment in Marriage

  • Abigail Seta


Vunapope, Rabaul:

The Sacrament of Marriage was the focus on Tuesday, 11th of December 2018, at the National Youth Convention (NYC), being held at the Archdiocese of Rabaul, Vunapope. 


At the Eucharistic celebration, Cardinal John Ribat spoke on being the ‘architect of your future’, living life faithfully and commitment in relationships. “You are the architect of your future and the future you would like to live,” the Cardinal told the youths. 


At the first session by Bp. Rochus Tatamai MSC focused on the importance of communion, procreation and faithfulness in marriage.  “Marriage is not a contract; it is a covenant. You give yourself to each other. It is an exchange of values and a commitment of self-love and self-giving,” said Bp. Rochus. 


A panel discussion on celebrating life as a couple then followed.  Mr Raymond and Mrs Rita Kavanamur, teachers by profession shared their experiences of their relationship from the beginning till now.  “Our calling can come when we’re not ready but prayer will make us strong,” Rita said.  Raymond spoke on trusting one’s parents as they play a vital role in our relationships.  “Always have total trust in your parents, even if you think you are adult now”, said Raymond.   “No matter what the situation, you must always trust them. Your decisions can result in either bad or good consequences,” he said.  “Do not forget to pray and contemplate.  God will chose a help mate for you”, said Rita. 


In the afternoon, the participants had a sharing, evaluating and a planning session. Highlighted in the sharing and their experience of the National Youth Convention, was the need to build on time management, greater communication, an adherence to the rules laid out and the need for challenging programs.  Several said that the young people need to build on their commitment to their Catholic Faith, witness and imitate Bl. Peter ToRot.


The rosary prayed in the evening was a time for introspection, reflection and prayer.   Archbishop Kurian Vayalunkal, Apostolic Nuncio to Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands then joined the youth for Rosary and gave the blessing.  A ‘Live Pure’ session that built up on the sessions of the day was then held by Fr Ambrose Pereira sdb, CBC secretary for Social Communication and Youth.  Participants were given the opportunity to share their experience and prepare themselves to take on the pledge at the final mass.


“It’s been a wonderful time for young people to come together to share, their faith experiences and how they can be good Catholic witnesses”, said Fr Mark Kombeng, Youth Animator from the Diocese of Kavieng.


The program concluded with creative items presented by each diocese.

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