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“I came not to be served but to serve”

The newly appointed Bishop of the Diocese of Auki, Solomon Islands, Bp. Peter Houhou has chosen his motto as “I came not to be served but to serve.” This serves to guide him in his new mission and ministry. 

"While I have never lived and worked as a priest in the Diocese of Auki, and I never knew the people, situations and circumstances of the Diocese, I sincerely believe my motto will guide me to really commit my ministry as a bishop in Auki in serving the people of God," Bp. Peter said.  


Cross: The responsibilities and challenges that Bp. Peter has been carrying since birth, childhood, youth and as a priest for the last 52 years. 

Host and Chalice: Reflects the feeding of the great multitude of people during the time of Jesus. The pastoral work as a priest to serve the good and beloved people of God in the Diocese of Auki. 

The Sacred Scripture: Significant in the daily life of Bp. Peter and the Holy Eucharist and the foundation of divine revelation of our Catholic truth. 

Taro, axe and knife: Significant in Bp. Peter’s upbringing and ministry. 

The wedding ring: Highlights the importance of the sacraments of marriage in the cultural set-up of the people of Ulawa, West Are Are and Marau on Guadalcanal. 

Brief History

Bp. Peter was born on 10th of October 1966 in Porokokore, Makina Parish to Mr Iawai and Mrs Salome Sautarei’a. 


From 1974 to 1979, he did his primary school education at the Makina Primary school and after that, he went on to study at the Nazareth Apostolic centre from 1985 to 1990. He did his seminary studies at the Holy Spirit Seminary in Bomana from 1991 to 1998. On 3rd July 1999, Bp. Peter Houhou was ordained priest. 

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