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Staff Retreat focuses on self-care

  • Anna Nongkas

Bomana: The staff of CBC held their annual retreat on 1st to 3rd of August 2018 at the Xavier Institute in Bomana. 

It was an intense three-day program with the main objective to deepen and enhance their Christian faith and Spirituality with God in the principle of Christian living and took as its theme Self-care and care for our common home. 

The program was officially opened at 8pm on Wednesday, 1st August with an opening prayer followed by welcome remarks to the facilitator and the staff by the mistress of ceremony, Ms. Agnes Mary Harihi, the Project Officer to the commission of the Church Institutional Strengthening Program (CISP). 

The first day covered Self Care & Respect and care for others and Respect & Care for our common home (environment creation) was covered on the second day. Facilitating the sessions was Mr. Paul Harricknen, a lawyer by Profession and legal counsel to the Catholic Bishops Conference, the chairman to the Catholic Professionals and also a Board Member to the Caritas PNG Commission. 

Session 1 entitled “Moral Basis and constitutional vision” enabled the staff to define the term “Self-love and self-care” in a simple way on how to love themselves before loving others and God. This was highlighted in the presentation through the scripture in MK 12:31 & (1 Corinthians 13:1-13). 

The staff shared and discussed the issues arising within their families, community and public using the Five (5) National Goals and Directive Principles per the handouts and presented on their point of views and the way forward.

 “Charism & Spirituality” was touched on in the second session. Mr. Harricknen also talked about “Missionary Spirituality” and reminded the staff to be mindful of what is going on around them. 

On Friday 10th August, the final day concluded with mass celebrated by Fr Victor Roche, General Secretary of the Catholic Bishops Conference. He encouraged the staff to take on what they have learnt from the retreat home to their family and be agents of change. Followed by lunch, token of appreciation and closing remarks by the mistress of ceremony and the General Secretary.

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