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First Aid trainning boosts staff

-          Rosemary Yambune


Port Moresby: Around thirteen staff from CBCPNGSI completed a one-day Emergency First Aid training course delivered by St John Ambulance on September 2, 2020 in Port Moresby.


The session had three experts from St Johns with their team leader and trainer, Mr. Bobby Kakare with his colleagues who gave brief presentations on various emergency casualty and how to manage them.

 In between their talks were practical demonstrations on how to perform first aid to certain casualties of different ages when clinical help is not in sight, insights on what to do, who to call, and even what to say on the phone when dialling emergency line were given in detailed. 


Group picture CBC Staff & St John Medics

Noel Langu, Finance Admin Assistant agreed with many attendees and said while the training course was enriching it also boost his confidence to step in to help others especially in this time of the pandemic. He added, simple things like how to correctly wear and remove gloves, wear a mask, and how to avoid infections while aiding for casualties was helpful. 


Participants were given real-life scenarios than applied practical exercises to dummies on approaching various casualties within ample time, including, when and how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) how to manage allergies, dressing wounds, burns, choke, strokes, and handling or assisting asthma attacks.


The legal and ethical boundaries on what a first aider should practice were also shared with the participants.


Sr Emma Lapun, National Education Coordinator thanked the trainers on behalf of the participants for making time to deliver content during the COVID19 pandemic, especially with tight restrictions. 


“We have learned a lot as non-health workers or people without the background of health” Sr Emma concluded.


The participants sat for a final theory test before the course ended at 4 pm with assurance from Mr. Kakare that certificates would be awarded in two weeks’ time.

Medic directing Noel



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