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Women's Dignity Unveiled

- Fr. Newman Kingi

August 13-17 was fascinating moment in the lives of women and men of Lagaip Deanery. More than five hundred women and couple of men gathered at Mariant Martin de Pores Parish to attend a week long course offered by Fr. Justin Ain on the “Recognising and Valuing the Dignity of Women.”

Many women came to their sense of what it means to be a woman. In such remote place like Kandep and many other parts of Enga Province, people think that woman is recognised in the society by their maternal duties, like child birth, household obligations and gardening. Some think that women are inferior to men. Because of the cultural boundaries and taboos, women become so thin and act within certain limitations that really restrict their boundaries. That is not to place woman in the position of man but some rights of woman are denied because men seem so dominant which in fact he is not.


Like decision making and compensation, only men do the talking, and voices of women are unheard and less or no opportunity is given to express their views. And yet in remote places as such, women are seen as weak and do not have much physical strength to defend themselves. And thus so many men take advantages and family violence becomes a continuous problem. 

 So, through the light of the talk given by Fr. Justin, they came to realized who they are. The specialities of women being who she is not by what she does but way she was created as she is. Fr. Justin indeed discloses every detail that contributes towards up building of women and they were truly blessed by the talk. Almost every woman got back their lost dignity and value of being a woman. Some even cried after realizing who they are in the midst of male dominated culture.

Moreover, Fr. Philip James, the parish priest of Porgera Piam enlightened their way by an insightful talk on Mariology. His talks lighten the path of the women to imitate the life of Mother Mary to be a woman of faith, value and dignity. His Lordship, Bishop Arnold Orowae offered the closing mass with the Solemnity of the Assumption. 

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