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CPS Condemns Gender Based Violence

Port Moresby: The Cathoic Professionals Society PNG joins the chorus of people and groups in condemning in strongest terms the streak of senseless, barbaric and inhuman killings against our women in PNG. Despite much effort both by the public and private sectors on awareness against Gender Based Violence (GBV) it seems this evil has no end. This is unacceptable. This behaviour is evil that must be eradicated.


The latest killing of young Jennelyn Kennedy is horrific. While we call on women to take extra care in their relationships we also call on men especially young men to take responsibility and maturity in dating women and taking women into their lives as spouses and girl friends. Women are not here to be used and thrown away. It is inconceivable and unacceptable.


We call on the Government, churches and communities to double efforts in protecting our women and vulnerable persons and groups. The enforcement agents of Government must seriously, professionally and faithfully enforce the laws. We cannot call for more laws when we cannot enforce the laws we already have for the protection of our people especially the vulnerable persons and groups. Offenders of such heinous crimes must be successfully prosecuted to gain conviction and put behind bars.

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