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God is in Us

-          Fr. Joseph Durero and Benny Bogg 


Madang Province: Madang's Holy Spirit Cathedral was full to capacity on Pentecost Sunday as it marks many reasons for the parish to celebrate, including its feast-day and name’s-day. A double Eucharistic mass open the celebrations for the nine parish communities and over 1,000 Catholic members to sing, dance and witness their faith in action.

In the second mass the Liturgy came alive with traditional galore complete with full attire and “kundu” beats for the processional and recessional protocols and the Bible and Offertory rituals were truly awesome and fitting for a high-mass celebration.

The presence of Madang Archbishop, Anton Bal, Vicar General and Parish Priest, Fr. Joseph Durero and Vicar Pastoral, Fr. Solomon Akaya who co-celebrated the mass added bonus to the parish’s joyous occasion when the trio joined the parishioners to an extended feast after mass.

Children eating cakes with both hands, adults digging into their lunch-packs and the parish youths strutting their guitars as they sing popular Charismatic hymns and the women dancing to every beat in their red and white dresses; there is no other better way to express their happiness to be together - other than this way, for the Madang Catholics.

Archbishop Anton’s main message for Pentecost; “God is in us” became alive and meaningful during the feasting.

This message was repeated throughout the celebration as parishioners reminded themselves that the occasion also marks their hard work and contributions towards the recent completion of the K800,000 extension of the Cathedral building, the successful hosting of 2019 Parish Youth Rally and the building and completion of the K600,00 Archbishop’s House - which is a valuable addition to parish infrastructure- built with funding from Emeritus Bishop, retired Rev. Stephen Reichert.

Chairperson for the feast-day celebration, Mrs. Anna Buri said in her welcome address “God is in us… we know this because we continue to prosper as a parish where faithful people work and support each other. We can now celebrate this understanding….. ”.

The celebrations ended with most parishioners promising to make the next occasion bigger and better as Archbishop Anton blessed the crowed once again and sent them home joyously pondering what they will do in the 2021 Pentecost celebration.

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