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DBTI observes World Environment Day

Participation from the audience - Riccar

-       Sean DOLLA


Thursday 4th June 2020, East Boroko, Port Moresby: As their seniors were seating the semester 1 exams, the 1st and 2nd year students of Don Bosco Technological Institute, Boroko along with staff members gathered in the campus hall for a short awareness session organized by the Earth & Environment and Media Education Seminar clubs.

To mark the occasion, the awareness campaign shed light on the current state of the global environment along with now it is time for mankind to give back to their environment.

Gabriel Kila, Media Education Seminar participant gave a short presentation about how the use of various forms of media can have an influence in spreading the message of protecting the Environment and Mother Nature. Tiana Patrick and Dubanan Dubana from the environmental club were the other speakers at the presentation.

This was then followed by a video presentation from the Earth and Environment club stressing the need for everyone to take climate change seriously and to do their bit in a precious bid to save Planet Earth. 

The awareness campaign was concluded by DBTI’s resident counsellor, Ms Ruby Matane who in her closing remarks underlined the importance of returning to nature and caring for the environment just as the environment has provided for all humankinds’ necessities.

In line with this year’s theme: Time for nature, a 2nd Year student, Karen Limbe summed up the idea behind the day’s activity saying, “It is important that such awareness is made especially in relation to the environment. On the platform there were young people.  They are capable of bringing about change in their communities, therefore such awareness boosts them to do such. I believe that together we can implement change in our society, not just change but we can actually save our environment from being destroyed altogether, because the change starts with us”. 

The session was inspiring because we had responsible young people take the initiative to give an awareness to their peers on such global matters as well as facilitate discussion and participation from the group.

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