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Diocesan Centre Serves as Quarantine Facility

-          Raymond Komis Girana 21/05/20

The Fr. Begg Conference Center of the Diocese of Bougainville formerly known as YC Hall is being transformed into a quarantine facility for Bougainville.


The Caretaker of the Diocese of Bougainville, Fr. Polycarp Kaviak on a phone interview yesterday told Bougainville Diocese Media that temporary agreement between the Diocese and the Autonomous Bougainville Government on the use of the centre for quarantine that goes as far as June 2020 is subject to extension depending on the situation.


Fr. Polycarp said the work on the additional three units in the centre has reached its completion stage and should be ready to cater for people traveling into the region following the uplift of the restrictions on commercial flights into Bougainville this month.


On this note, Diocesan staffs working in the center were also privileged to receive training on how to handle things during the quarantine period. Such is the Church's response in partnership with the government towards the Covid-19 pandemic.

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