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Small Steps in the Right Direction

-          Rosemary Yambune


The Commission Secretaries under the Catholic Bishops Conference are in the process of awareness of the theme ‘Keep it clean. Go Green!’ The present COVID-19 situation and the announcement of the Holy Fathers’ Laudato Si Anniversary year, encourages all the commissions to focus on the Care for Creation and the environment.


“We need to move to the next level of putting things into practice through tree plantation.  Travel for Green (T4G) are passionate about tree plantation and we are happy to look at possibilities for the different commissions and the diocese”, said Fr Ambrose as he introduced the NGO group.


The first meeting was held on the 21st May at CBC, to assess the possibilities of a partnership. The four representatives from T4G were; Peter Gujap, team leader, Rachael Benig, Assistant team leader Chrisestom Sow, Tree Plantation coordinator, Rossie Wagi, Assistant Tree Planting Coordinator and Environmentalist Ms Carol Aigilo. 


CBCPNGSI commission representatives present for the meeting were; Ms Marie Mondu Secretary for CISP, Mavis Tito the director for CARITAS PNG, Sr Emma Lapun OLSH from the Education commission, Elizabeth Arabi Youth Secretary, Secretary for Social Communications Fr Ambrose Pereira, Business Manager Jimmy Son, Ms Eva and Sr Lucy. 


The attendees discussed possibilities and highlighted a lot of challenges involved in planting trees.

T4G Meeting 2.jpg
T4G Meeting 1.jpg
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