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Catholic Professionals Society of PNG

2020 Dedication Eucharist Celebrations

-       Paul Harricknen

Port Moresby: The Catholic Professionals Society held its 2020 dedication Eucharist celebration at the St Joseph’s Parish, Boroko on 15 February 2020. The dedication Mass at the start of the year, and the thanksgiving Mass at the end of the year, are two important events for the Society.


The Mass was celebrated by the CPS Spiritual Director, Fr. Ambrose Pereira, SDB and concelebrated by parish priest of St Joseph’s, Fr. Francis Xavier Chennampally, CP.


Over 30 members and their families attended the celebrations. OLSH Provincial Sr. Relida Gumur, AD Sisters, CBC Laity Commission Secretary Eva Wangihama, CBC General Secretary Fr. Giorgio Licini, PIME, and newly appointed Judge of the National & Supreme Courts, a devout Catholic himself Dr. Vergil Narokobi were among the invited guests present.


In a small but significant celebration, members of the Society took their oaths of membership and pledge of commitment to serve the Church and Society through their professions, gifts, talents and experiences. Candles were lit and carried to symbolize their commitment to be the light and living witnesses of Catholic faith in society. 


Fr. Ambrose and Fr Francis presented each one with a “cross of courage” and commissioned them to go out to the world with the zeal of courage to bear witness to the Catholic faith. The members were challenged and encouraged to model their lives on the life of Bl. Peter ToRot who was a married man, catechist and martyr for his Catholic faith in Jesus Christ.


“We must be transmitters of the faith”. Find ways to transmit the faith to your children is the big challenge of Pope Francis to each of us. 


For Catholic Professionals, Fr. Ambrose stressed four main areas - all life is sacred, every action and work is holy, Catholic Professionals have a unique ministry, and they are called to go out and evangelize the world. PNG requires the stable presence of mature lay leaders endowed with authority.  “The Church needs to be present at every level and this can only be possible through the vigorous, broad and active involvement of the laity - Querida Amazonia, 94”, he said. 


The President of the Society, Mr. Paul Harricknen on behalf of the Executive Committee thanked Fr. Ambrose, Fr. Francis, the Henry Verius Music group, the CPS Formation committee who prepared the liturgy, and all members, families, friends and guests who attended the celebrations. 


Mr. Harricknen congratulated Justice Vergil Narokobi on his appointment as Judge, Mr. Jimmy Son for the grant of his PNG citizenship in 2019 and Mr. Zoilo Agabe for the grant of his permanent residency early this year 2020. He also acknowledged the senior members of the Society and the new and young members who have taken the bold step forward to carry their cross of courage as members of the Catholic Professionals.


The celebrations ended with light refreshments and social mingling among members and guests. Praise be to God!

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