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Catholic Safe House Association Officially Announced

By Nigel Akuani

Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Port Moresby: The Catholic Bishops Conference of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands has announced the launch of its Catholic Safe House Association in a media conference yesterday at CBC headquarters, Gordons. 


CSHA is a network of small agencies that have been providing temporary shelter for battered women, children and victims of family and sexual violence in Wewak, Kokopo, Madang, Bougainville and Port Moresby.


The announcement was made on Tuesday at the CBC Headquarters in Gordons. Around 26 participants from Catholic Safe Houses in the country, media personnel, religious sisters, priests, staff of CBC and Caritas PNG, and various partners.


The Coordinator for Centre of Hope, Madang, Sr Teckla Gamog announced from a  media release.


“The Catholic Bishops Conference believes CSHA will continue to enhance professionalism and standards in working closely with its partners... Catholic run safe houses are an important calling and vocation for the Catholic Nuns in the Healing Ministry to embrace its mission despite the many challenges in client management.” Sr Gamog said.


Ms Marie Mondu, Development Secretary of CBC said the purpose of the conference was to have the PNG Government give an insight into its policies of Repatriation and Temporary Housing for Victims of Family and Sexual Violence who frequently sought safety in informal “Safe Houses". 


She described the release as a “statement of encouraged continued engagement between various stakeholders and the Catholic Safe Houses in providing temporary care and shelter for women in crisis with their families and communities.”


President of CBC, and Bishop of the Diocese of Kavieng, Rochus Tatamai dwelled on the importance of parents in family formation to help reduce the violence experienced in many societies.


He added thatproper parenting skills led to improved understanding, relating and mutual respect toward each other. 


“Through this method individual will grow without undermining the other person’s dignity as a human being, especially that of a woman,” he stated.


There are a growing number of "Safe Houses" that focus on women's safety during crises. 


The Catholic Church hosts four safe houses.


The official launch date for Catholic Safe House Association is scheduled for 30th June 2020.

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