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CPNG appeals for Australian bushfire support

-Rosemary Yambune


Port Moresby: Caritas Papua New Guinea and the Catholic Bishops Conference are fundraising to support the Catholic Church Australia to rehabilitate what has been destroyed in the bushfires.


They have appealed to the Catholic faithful and the general public in PNG to assist with funding and prayer vigils for healing, recovery and mercy for the Australian bushfire victims.


The appeal was made on Monday 13th January by Caritas PNG Director, Mavis Tito. According to Ms Tito, “As Christians we stand in solidarity sharing the pain and suffering of families who have lost loved ones, homes, businesses, and eco-systems due to the raging bush fires since September 2019 and presently continuing and spreading throughout Australia”.


The general public in Papua New Guinea who wish to help can safely donate financial assistance through Caritas PNG’s account to aid those afflicted by the bush fire in Australia. 


According to Ms Tito, the Diocese of Alotau was the first to pledge K2000.

“Australia has been our closest support and there are many good-hearted Australians who have been donating through to Caritas Australia, the Catholic Mission etc for many years to respond to our emergencies and community development programs. It is only fair we give back in return and stand in solidarity in times of their need of our prayers, human power and financial aid,” stated Marie Mondu, CBC Secretary for Development. 


The ‘Bush Fire Appeal’ fundraising is directed by Caritas PNG to support the Catholic Church in Australia particularly, those working on the ground like the Caritas Australia, St Vincent De Paul, Salvation Army. 


You can contact the CBC and CPNG office on 325 9577 for more information.   

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