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Warm hearts reach out at Christmas

-Sr Mary McCarthy PBVM 

Port Moresby: Warm hearts around the city responded to a call from the Port Moresby General Hospital Voluntary Chaplains to host a Christmas Lunch for patients and their Guardians on Christmas Eve.

The PMGH Christmas celebration for the mothers and babies began with a sharing of the story of the birth of Jesus. Christmas carols which beautifully filled everyone present with wonder and awe. Communities from the churches brought much joy with their singing and action songs.

Mothers from the Special Care Nursery, after morning feeds, left their sleeping infants in the care of nurses and came out of the ward to sit on the grass outside. They were invited to join in the singing and reflections on the Christmas Story. They listened as the story told of Mary and Joseph and the unborn Child rejected over and over again. There was no room in the inn. Later, they listened to the story of the shepherds visited by a heavenly chorus singing: Glory to God in the highest heaven. 

Today your Saviour is born. The shepherds hurried off and found Mary and Joseph and saw the baby lying in a manger. The shepherds went back singing praises to God. 

“The hospital is big, and the Chaplains are few! But, with the strong backing of many churches the impossible was achieved,” stated Sr Mary McCarthy PBVM, Volunteer Chaplain. 

To celebrate God’s Gift, we give gifts at Christmas time. The name of each mother whose baby was in the Special Care Nursery was called forward to receive her gift. When each mother had received her gift, the visitors from the Churches and Port Moresby Religious Sisters,

candidates, and friends visited the Post-natal ward to share the joy of the many mothers in the ward rejoicing in the birth of their babies. 

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