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CPS Alotau-Sideia Diocesan Chapter launched

- Simon Alberic

The Alotau-Sideia Diocesan Chapter of the Catholic Professionals Society (CPS) was launched on 8th December 2019 during the Eucharistic celebration, at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral, Alotau. 


The Eucharistic celebration was presided over by Most Rev. Bishop Rolando Santos, CM, Bishop of the Diocese of Alotau-Sideia and concelebrated by Fr. Thomas Losema, Parish Priest of Alotau, and Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb, Social Communication Secretary of CBC and Spiritual Director of CPS.


The Bishop welcomed the establishment of the chapter in his diocese and challenged the members to carry their ‘Cross of Courage’ and be the light of Christ and voice of the Catholic Faith. “You are to live and witness to your Catholic faith and be the voice of the voiceless for those who cannot speak for themselves”, he said. He referred to the parable of the talents saying, “At the final judgement, each one will account for what one has done with his or her talents”. He highlighted the many social issues of injustices, human rights abuses, HIV and Aids, corruption, and violence facing the province and the country and challenged the Catholic Professionals to take courage in facing those issues.


After the homily, 8-year old Sharon Alberic, dressed in traditional attire led the procession of intending Catholic Professional members. She carried the CPS Constitution and the Instrument of Approval and handed the documents over to the Bishop. The pioneer members then made their Oath of Membership and Pledged their Commitment before the Bishop. He blessed and commissioned them, saying: “Jesus sent forth his disciples in pairs on mission (Luke 10). May you also receive God’s blessing of your Oath of Membership and the Pledge of Commitment to live, profess and practise your Catholic faith supported by the gifts, talents, knowledge and skills you possess for the good of all and more especially for those in need. (Jn 13:12-15, CCC 1266-1270)”. The Bishop then gave each member a cross and a miraculous medal to be worn by the members in their mission. The Alotau-Sideia Diocesan Chapter is the first Diocesan Chapter to be established under the Constitution of the CPS. The twelve members commissioned as the first members of the Chapter are Chris So’onwai, Shirley Kolohei, Sharlyne Tomiyavau, Philip Diudi, Simon Alberic, Simeon E’ebo, Philip Tauleboda, Dickson Lige, Lawrence Koibi, James Tomiyavau, Patrick Alberic and Rosemary E’ebo.  

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