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Workshop for priestly vocation directors

- Nigel Akuani


The Catholic Bishops Conference hosted the first Priestly Vocation Director’s Workshop that was held from the 14th to 19th October. 


“Vocation promotion is about God’s calling and preparing our young people to answer him,” said Fr John Cabrido SDB, facilitator of the Diocesan Priestly Vocation Directors’ Workshop.


“As Priests and Vocational Directors, we need to work hand-in-hand to create an atmosphere where the young vocation will grow and flourish,” he said.


The workshop dwelt on topics such as What is vocation: Priest in Melanesia, Discernment and Spiritual Direction, Ministry of the Vocation Director and Vocation Promotion strategies and many more.


Held at the CBC office in Gordons, the four-day program had 23 participants, all priests from the different dioceses in PNG and Solomon Islands, who were present for the workshop. 


The workshop is a first of its kind organized by CBC as requested in the 2019 Bishops Annual General Meeting to address the declining number of young of recruits into seminaries.

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