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Seminar resolves to action ‘Laudato Si’ values


Port Moresby: The Environment Seminar held on Saturday, 13th July resolves to action the values and principals of ‘Laudato Si.’ 


These resolutions were highlighted once more at a press conference held by the Catholic Professionals Society (CPS) on 18th July. President of CPS, Paul Harricknen presented the following nineteen resolutions: 


  1. The Earth is our common home. We all have responsibility to care for it to care for us.

  2. Our Environment and its ecosystem are fragile and starting to lose its balance. We all are related to each food chain and ecology and ecosystem must be left to recover and reach natural equilibrium.

  3. Our development path based on natural resources extraction is necessary for economic growth of our nation. This must be balanced with environment protection for the present and thefuture. And this must translate to integral human development, which is our nation’s first national goal in the preamble of our National Constitution.

  4. Our use and service of earth and natural ecosystem must contain or arrest the wastage and throw away culture. Among the many bad behaviors, the use and disposal of plastic bags in waterways, lakes and seas being breeding spaces for marine ecosystem must be prevented.

  5. Laudato Si is a moral guide only and we call on leaders, managers, professionals, technocrats, academia, old, young, all of us on planet earth, to review and calibrate our individual and collective plans of activities in our spheres of activities or influence.

  6. Leaders of our nation in civil authorities and spiritual authorities in churches are called on to lead by example the values and principles of Laudato Si.

  7. Managers of civil authorities and church institutions are called on to make proper diagnosis of theuse of resources to seeing human development as key to responsibly responding to values and principles of Laudato Si.

  8. Professionals and technocrats are called on to provide holistic advice and support to leaders and managers of authorities and institutions with Laudato Si as an essential list of factors informing development decisions and actions.

  9. Academics are called on to review and reflect values and principles of Laudato Si in the academic disciplines and fields of study in academic and technical institutions.

  10. Individuals and businessesare called on to review and reflect consumer behavior and disposal of waste to live eco-friendly lives.

  11. Resources industries are called on to practice environmental stewardship and social responsibility in their line of business.

  12. Regulators or resources industries are called on to balance need for development and protection of earth and environment in allowing extraction of resources.

  13. Finance lending institutions and insurance providers are called on to assess resources extraction projects against, among others, values and principles of Laudato Si. Lenders and insurance providers will not assist developing nations like PNG if they were only concerned with financial returns.

  14. Procurement of major goods and services by resources companies must be from corporates demonstrating environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

  15. To continue collaboration with all key participating institutions, agencies of government, multilateral institutions and church on key issue of care of our common home – earth, environment and ecosystems.

  16. Science and technology investment should be pursued by our government and collaborate with other partners in the field in the world to provide basis for informed decisions and actions on protection of our common home.

  17. Community awareness is a necessity.

  18. Natural and man-induced disasters affect vulnerable communities in PNG. There is a need for institutional collaboration to merge international and domestic paradigms. For instance, Manam volcanic-induced refugees and Carterets climate change refugees.

  19. Our young people’s voice and participation to the cause of protecting our common home, humanity and planet earth is necessary.

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