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Madang Archdiocese engages inmates in Youth Rally

  • Nigel Akuani


The Archdiocese of Madang recently orchestrated a Youth Rally that engaged inmates from the Beon Correctional Services Institution, and young people from the four main Parishes in Madang. 


The Rally that began on Thursday 16th June, ended on Sunday 19th June with a closing mass led by Archbishop of Madang, Abp. Steve Reichert.


Coordinator of the event Madang Deanery Youth Chaplain, Fr. Anton Gambu, spoke of how the event was a first of its kind, and said that event proved to be very successful. 


“Everyone who took part in the event from the inmates, the youths, parishioners, priests and nuns, to the Archbishop, were all pleased with the positive turn out in numbers that created the lively atmosphere that was needed for the rally,” he said.


Fr. Anton thanked the Madang Governor Hon Peter Charles Yama, and everyone who helped in every way to make the event a success and said that a second Youth Rally in the near future was possible. 


“Throughout my 11 years as a Priest, I have hosted many rallies, but none were as memorable and captivating as this one. Though we are tight in our schedule, we the Madang Archdiocese, will do what we can to have a second Youth Rally.”


He explained the Youth Rally was a time for youths to come together, enjoy themselves and the company of others, and to pray to God for his continuous guidance. 


“The main purpose of the event is to share our faith, through informing and engaging the youth in positive ways. There were prayers, praise activities and worship services throughout, and all were done in a way that boosted participation from every person who was there.” 


Inmates who took part in the event from within and outside the fenced boundary, enjoyed themselves as they took in the rally days’ positive vibe.

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