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  • Ahisha Mangot

World Renown Catholic Evangelist visits PNG for Re-Awakening Rally

Port Moresby: The Catholic Professional Society hosted a three-day Re-Awakening rally on July 11 to July 14 at the Sir John Guise stadium with over 5000 people in attendance.

Many were graced by the World Renown Catholic Evangelist and Preacher Dynamic Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers and Charbel Raish from Parousia media who accompanied this great man of God.

On July 11 the first day, Deacon Harold had the time to share light on the topic of Leadership in Action, basically Principled Leadership. He addressed politicians, church leaders and anyone in authority to have a covenant relationship with the people they lead and serve.

Deacon Harold also spoke and preached about the importance of the Clergy and Religious in the church, he also encouraged young people who want to join the clergy to be courageous if God is calling them to do so.

On the second day was the youth rally where he shared on the sacrament of marriage and he also stressed on why the Catholic Church is One Holy and Apostolic.

His second talk is inspiring and encouraging for youths. The program was moderated by Fr Ambrose Pereira, who started off the youth rally with a eucharistic adoration, where Deacon Harold said the Eucharistic Adoration is very important and must also be a priority.

Deacon also encouraged and reminded the youths of the importance of the sacrament of marriage, and why young people should understand the value as such and make the right decisions and choices without compromising their Catholic Faith.

It was evident that all the youths and people who attended the youth rally, were very attentive and challenged by the Dynamic Deacon to be strong, Catholic faithful in this time of bad societal norms that encourage negative impacts like Teenage Pregnancy, Abortion, Contraception and many more.

He also encouraged youths to make right choices with regard to the teachings of the Catholic Church for guidance, so that when they are ready to make a commitment in marriage, they are guided by their faith.

“I was blessed to attend the Youth Rally because it opened my eyes to a lot of things that I was not aware of and it also reawakened my faith as a young person to look at the sacrament of marriage from a different perspective”, said St John the Apostle, Tokarara Youth William Kassman.

The Re-Awakening Rally also helped others to find closure and forgive those who had wronged them in the sacrament of marriage.

One elderly widow from Kuriva Parish in the Central Province shared her testimony of how she came to the hospital to visit a relative but when she heard of the program, she immediately made her way to the Sir John Guise Stadium.

“I was a happily married Catholic until my husband left me to start a new family with another woman. I used to take part in church activities but I have never forgiven him, even after he died. I’m finally at peace after hearing the talk by the Dynamic Deacon about marriage and I have forgiven my husband. I will go home tomorrow a renewed woman”, said Monica Dick.

And on the final day, the rally concluded with the final talk on Re-Awakening the Faith as well as a Eucharistic mass presided by Cardinal Ribat MSC with CBC President Bishop Otto Separy and 18 other priests as con-celebrants followed by acknowledgements from the Catholic Professional Society President Mr. Paul Harricknen and gift presentation by Police Chaplaincy to the Dynamic Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers with the soft-spoken Charbel Raish from the Parousia Media.

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