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  • Abigail Seta

West Papuan students supported with laptops

Port Moresby: The Migrants and Refugees Desk of the Catholic Bishops Conference have provided two laptops to support West Papuan students with their studies at the Don Bosco Technological Institute.

Officially handing over the laptops were Jason Siwat, Director for Migrants and Refugees desk and Gabriel Wake, Migrants Officer in a brief ceremony on Thursday, 23rd June 2022.

Present to receive the laptops were three West Papuan students of DBTI, Aloisus Kaoksan, a final year student in IT, Jerry Koka, 2nd year in Maintenance Fitting and Machining and Mark Mathew, 1st year in Maintenance Fitting and Machining. All three students are from the Iowara Refugee Camp in Western Province.

The ceremony began with introductions by Mr Siwat who explained the function of CBC together with the Migrants and Refugees Desk.

Mr Wake then gave the terms of conditions and agreements as the laptops are the property of the Migrants and Refugee desk and should be used for academic purposes only and for each West Papuan student to have access to it.

According to Mr Wake, the laptops will be inspected throughout the year. He then encouraged the students to take full ownership and responsibility of the laptops as they are to be returned at the end of the academic year and will be given out the following year for the next lot of students.

Following this was the signing of the agreement between Mr Siwat and Mr Kaoksan on behalf of the West Papuan students at DBTI.

Mr Kaoksan expressed sincere gratitude to the CBC M&R Desk in supporting the students with the two laptops. He stated that studying was quite difficult for them when they do not have laptops to do their research, assignments and projects for their academic programs.

He said that there are 5 of them studying at DBTI, and they all share one laptop, and he said sometimes borrowing laptops from others is not an option.

With the two laptops now gifted to them, Mr Siwat encouraged the students to take advantage of this support and perform better in their studies.

He reiterated that students should take care of their laptops and use it wisely to help them with their studies at DBTI.

"The bottom line is for you to do well in your programs, pass it and graduate."


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