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Right Relations Formative workshop

Kokopo: A formative workshop on Right Relationships was conducted for the MSC Sisters of Temporal Profession and novices at Matanatava MSC Sisters Novitiate in the Archdiocese of Rabaul.

The workshop was held from 24th – 29th January 2022 and had 10 participants made up of eight religious sisters and two novices. It was facilitated by Sr Ancy John Chirayath SCSA, Right Relationships in Ministry Directress of the Catholic Bishops Conference of PNGSI.

With the focus on ‘Building healthy and mature relationships in our communities and in ministries’, the workshop dwelt on the main topics of Boundaries, Human sexuality, Values and Rights, and Right Relationships.

“No man can live as an island. Relationships are an invisible connection. Whether we believe or not, we are in constant relationships with the entire cosmos. Our network relationships help us to reflect our inter-connectedness,” said Sr Ancy.

According to Sr Ancy, boundaries in relationships are very important and that it is essential to set boundaries in life especially as religious.

“The vocation as religious sisters is a unique call, to follow Christ in the congregation’s style. Boundaries help to build healthy relationships with oneself, with community sisters and with others who we are related in the mission,” she highlighted to the sisters.

In her talk on human sexuality in relationships, Sr Ancy spoke of human sexuality being a positive energy that should be properly understood, channeled and lived to the fullest. “It is all about one’s behavior.

Healthy relationships are to be nurtured and promoted while unhealthy relationships are to be mended. The bondedness in religious life is the strong relationship with Christ, which he himself states clearly as “Vine and branches” in the Gospel of John,” she said.

The five-day workshop helped each participant better understand the different aspects of relationships and were challenged and enriched to go out and implement what they had received.

“Our challenge is that our life is like a basket of fruits that are both healthy and unhealthy in relationships. what do I choose to live?” reflected Sr Adolfa Kanga.

According to Sr. Joan Matmat, what challenged, encouraged and inspired me most was building a personal relationship with Christ.

“I am encouraged to set boundaries right, know my rights and values, and appreciate and respect myself and others,” stated Lucy Lalagau.

“I was struck and challenged on how to set my boundaries. I have to be firm, assertive and not aggressive,” said Sr Felicita Kanol.

The sisters thanked Sr Ancy for imparting new insights and extended their appreciation to their province leader and team members for arranging the workshop.


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