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  • Nigel Akuani

Positive Thinking Key to Transforming Lives

Port Moresby: Throughout history, Positive Thinking has proven to be and will always continue to remain as a force of good and balance, to be used for the transformation and salvation of humanity and their home planet Earth.

The emphasis was made by four young and vibrant journalists during their discussion of the topic, ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ on the Chat Room of Wednesday 22nd September 2021.

Representing the Social Communication Commission of the Catholic Bishops Conference PNGSI, the media officers took their discussion of the topic to a meaningful and higher level that sought to create progressive societal change.

Their discussion gave a brief definition of the topic, its connection with the youth today, its countless associated benefits, methods of cultivating a positive mindset to change attitude, power of self-belief, famous quotes by historic figures and verses from the Holy Bible on Positive Thinking, ending off with a strong encouragement for young people to always keep their heads high, and for parents to be more supportive in the dreams of their kids.

Drawing a fine connection between Positive Thinking and youth, Abigail Seta, described how young people were bombarded by many negative issues and said Positive Thinking would help them make better and positive decisions in life. “It is all about seeing the good in any circumstance and this is important for young people because they are inexperienced in life and still navigating their way,” she said.

“It is very easy for them to lose sight of what really matters in their lives. But when they begin to learn and see things in a positive light, this will then begin to help them in overcoming every challenge in their lives, whether it be in studies or in their relationships with others,” she added.

Highlighting the sad and harsh reality faced by many young people, Jessica Oata, said that peer pressure, lack of support from grownups, access to education and employment were the major contributing factors that denied them a positive mindset. “Life is always full of problems. But what matters the most is how our young people perceive these problems. They have to first start changing within themselves, by changing how they think about and understand everything. When you wake up each morning, always look forward to ‘LIVING’ every day as if it were your last, and be thankful that you are alive,” she said.

She mentioned that: “Before you take on your day, ask yourself what it is you can do to make the world a better place today than it was before I found it. Constantly reminding yourself of this will cause change within yourself and will radiate outwards in the physical world.”

Nigel Akuani reflected on how perseverance and resilience were essential ingredients to building a positive mindset and stressed that when this state of mind was achieved, much could be accomplished. “Where a positive mind prevails, problems then become valuable lessons, failures no longer become worries and regrets but the stepping stones toward success that can wholly transform a person’s life and those around him,” he stated.

Referencing the verse of (Romans 12:2 – Do not be conformed to this world), he said drawing closer to the presence of God cancelled out negative thoughts and replenished our minds with newer and positive prospects in life. “Bad thoughts only hinder our livelihoods and prevent us from reaching our full potential. But when we draw closer to God we no longer worry because we know He has taken on our burdens and worries. This, in turn, livens our spirits and empowers us to be our best in everything we do, and this then makes us realize our sense of purpose,” he emphasized.

Recalling a moving personal experience of nearly faltering in studies at Don Bosco Simbu Technical College, Isabella Saleu, urged parents to always be supportive of young people by providing that positive environment necessary for them to flourish. “Parents and adults are more experienced in life and they have the duty of helping and guiding young people on the right path and away from self-destructive circumstances,” she said.

She ended off advising young people to always surround themselves with positive people who helped them grow intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

Animator of La Salle Technical College, Wallace Kuvi, commented on Tribe-FM’s Facebook page and noted the need to reinforce positive mentality in young people on a daily basis. “The mind of our young generation is stagnant and needs to be disturbed and ‘jump-started’ for them to realize the significance of positive thinking and how it can transform their lives,” he said.

Chat Room’s next session on Wednesday 29th September will have Journalism students from the University of PNG dwell on ‘Empowering Young People Through Creative Arts’.

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