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MSC Congregation witnesses renewal of vows for 9 candidates

BOMANA- MSC DE Boismenu College: February 2nd marks a special occasion for the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Congregation as the religious men in the congregation renew their vows or make final vows during the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord.

(Picture: Candidates renewing their vows)

This year’s feast day saw 9 candidates renew their vows during the solemn Eucharistic celebration.

Presiding as the main celebrant was Fr Gerard Savian MSC assisted by fellow priests from other seminaries.

Also present were family and friends of the candidates renewing their vows, students and priests from other seminaries and other members of the Chevalier family – Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart, Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart and the Handmaids of our Lord.

During his homily, Fr Gerard challenged everyone who gathered to be like Mary and Joseph. The parents who trusted the Lord completely by following all his teachings and instructions. And that can be seen during the presentation of Jesus at the temple.

Basing his talks on one of the key pillars of Godly Practices, ‘Obedience’, he emphasized one of the most profound qualities one must possess to be close to God.

“When you want to be close to God, you have to make a lot of sacrifices and let go of the things hindering you. You must also constantly check in with yourself whether you are obedient to God’s will and the attractions of the world”

Warm cheers filled the chapel during the renewal of vows as the candidates renewed their vows in front of the altar witnessed and accepted by Fr Gerard Savian MSC.

The cleric candidates that renewed their vows were: Br Hendrick Quoqletkp (1 year), Br George Meli (1 year), Br Emmanuel D. Siwedidi (1 year), Br Dominic Talam (1 year), Br Edwin Biras (3 years) and Br Vincent Siolis (3 years) while the brother candidates who renewed their vows include: Br Pius Porali (2 years), Br Felix Kari (3 years) and Br Paul Wartovo (1 year).

The mass ended with an exchange of hugs, handshakes, and encouragements from other missionaries and family and friends to the 9 candidates.

A wonderful feast to commemorate the occasion as one big Chevalier family closed the day’s program.

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