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Mothers celebrate Feast of Assumption at Holy Cross

Joining Catholics worldwide to mark the Feast of the Assumption, women from three parishes came together at Holy Cross Cathedral from Friday 13th August, to the actual feast day on Sunday 15th August, to honor the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Under the theme “Holy, formed and sent for service” more than 500 women from Kukum, Holy Cross and Tanagai parish formally concluded the program with a service led by Father James Ereai, assisted by Deacon Vincent Anea and graced with beautiful singing and procession by the host, the Holy Cross Parish women.

In his Homily, Fr. Ereai stressed that to defeat the devil, mothers and fathers should bring Mary into their home.

He also encouraged the congregation to focus on the resurrection of Jesus and not to lose hope because there is a better place to hope for.

The three days’ program of spiritual talks, discussions, prayers, and reflections has gotten a lot of positive feedback from women.

A member of St Mary’s Tanagai Parish, Elisabeth Iro said that mothers have learned a lot about their children, husbands and even themselves.

Another member of Kukum Parish, Julianne Waihuru further added that she learned that prayer should not be forgotten despite problems she has faced.

“In any hardship I’ve been through, God was there, and he knows, and that is the hope I should have that God has a plan”, she said.

Mrs. Waihuru added that the program has also created a sense of togetherness in which they have shared dances and shared their happiness together.

In her speech, Chairlady of the Archdiocese of Catholic Women’s Council, Martha Horiwapu encouraged women to be strong in their calling as catholic mothers.

“Please women, if we have programs where we come together for visitation or prayer or do our work as Catholic women, please come together, we need each other to hold hand in hand and we move”, she said.

Though the feast of the Assumption is one of the oldest in the Catholic Church and usually held at the diocese level every 2 years, Mrs. Horiwapu said that the feast this year was hosted at the deanery level due to the current Covid pandemic. Deanery level consists of 3 Parishes in the diocese.

The program continued with feasting and entertainment provided by various women’s groups under each of the three parishes.

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