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Most Reverend Bishop Francis Meli commends Diocesan Pastoral Staff

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Vanimo: Bishop of the Diocese of Vanimo Most Reverend Francis Meli in a meeting with the Diocesan Pastoral staff on July 20, has expressed deep appreciation for the dedicated service rendered by the Pastoral staff to the people in the diocese.

In his address, Bishop Meli lauded the commitment and unwavering dedication exhibited by the Pastoral staff in their calling to serve the community. He acknowledged their relentless efforts in spreading the teachings of the Church and supporting the spiritual growth of the faithful. He also emphasized on the importance of remaining faithful in their vocation and encouraged them to continue their noble work with renewed enthusiasm.

While addressing the challenges faced by the Diocese, one of the major concerns highlighted by Bishop Meli was the shortage of local clergy. He expressed his hope that more individuals within the community would come forward to answer the call of priesthood and serve their fellow parishioners.

The primary purpose of the meeting was to appoint new members to the Diocesan Pastoral Staff. Bishop Meli took this opportunity to announce the appointment of two accomplished individuals to key positions in the diocese.

Sr. Evangeline Orpilla MCST, was appointed as the new Coordinator of Religious Education. Known for her extensive knowledge and experience in the diocese and her dedication to imparting religious teachings, Sr. Evangeline's appointment is expected to have a positive impact on the spiritual growth and education of the faithful in the diocese.

Additionally, Sr. Jane, MSI, was appointed as the assistant to the Vicar General. Her wealth of experience and administrative skills are anticipated to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Diocesan operations under the leadership of the Vicar General.

The entire Diocesan community expressed their joy and gratitude for the appointment of the new Pastoral staff and offered their prayers for their successful and fruitful tenure.

As the meeting concluded, Bishop Meli urged the entire Diocesan community to continue supporting and praying for the Pastoral staff and the new appointees. He emphasized that their collective efforts and cooperation would play a vital role in addressing the challenges and furthering the mission of the Church in Vanimo Diocese.

Meanwhile, Youths in the Diocese of Vanimo organized a two-day seminar at Don Bosco Secondary School as a way of commemorating the feast of St. Maria Goretti.

More than 300 youths from different parishes in the Diocese of Vanimo gathered at Don Bosco Secondary School to pray and reflect upon the life of their patron saint Maria Goretti and be inspired to live the life of purity and holiness that she lived.

Speaking on Radio Maria in Vanimo addressing the youths, Fr. Donatus Arokiaraj HGN, the youth chaplain encouraged the youths to learn from the life of St. Maria Goretti.

“Maria Goretti’s life of purity and holiness must be an inspiration to the young people to imitate and in doing so, you are spreading the good news with their lives just like Maria Goretti did”, he said.

Youth President of the Vanimo Diocese Joel Tapi added that the spiritual input received from the talks given by the priests and facilitators during this seminar have impacted the youths in a great way and he expressed his gratitude to the organizers, the facilitators, priests and the youths for making this feast day a success.

Mr. Tapi called on the youths present as well as those who were not present for the event to always be ready to attend more youth programs because God works in ways that no man can comprehend.

“Blessings will follow you when you prioritize God in your life”, he concluded.

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