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Media training for Animators

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Media training for Animators

Port Moresby: The Social Communications Commission of the Catholic Bishops Conference held an overnight program for animators from catholic agency schools in preparation for the 2021 Media Education Seminars.

Held from 5th to 6th March, the program had 10 media animators participating in the program with the theme ‘Hope Amidst COVID-19’. Sessions covered in the program included Hope amidst COVID-19, News Items and School Bulletins, Photographs, Video Basics, Chatroom and Youth Alive. Prayer moments enabled the participants to nourish themselves spiritually.

The purpose of the seminar was to give an insight on what is expected from the participants of the different schools for this year’s Media Education Seminars and get the animators acquainted with the Social Communications Team.

When speaking to the animators, Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb, Secretary for Social Communications Commission, encouraged them to guide their students to harness their talents to spread hope to others amidst the pandemic through the different media platforms. “As teachers you have the great possibility of animating your students and bringing out the best in them”, he said.

The schools that took part in the Animators Overnight Program were; St Charles Lwanga Secondary, Don Bosco Technical Secondary, Don Bosco Technological Institute, Caritas Technical Secondary, Jubilee Catholic Secondary School, La Salle Technical College, Limana Vocational Centre and Marianville Secondary School.

Facilitating the seminar was the SOCOM team led by Fr Ambrose Pereira, Abigail Seta, Nigel Akuani, Rosemary Yambune and Jessica Oata.


“I liked almost all the sessions presented during the overnight program. It was a great opportunity to again refresh the set skills for the new year.” –Tommy Kaekae

“For animators to be well prepared for the upcoming seminar, the overnight program has enabled teachers to be well prepared in guiding their students.” –Wallace Kuvi

“A special time to reflect and to refocus our attention to why we as animators are here as guides for our students to harness their skills, talents and creativity and bring change in a positive way.” – Murray Misha

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