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Media students focus on print media

Port Moresby: With the theme ‘Hope amidst COVID-19’, the Social Communication Commission (SOCOM) conducted its 2ndMedia Education Seminar that had a total of 50 participants and animators. The day dealt with writing articles and capturing pictures with an inspirational message.

Held on 8th May 2021, at the Catholic Bishops Conference (CBC), the seminar had sessions that focused on the theme.

The first session began with the Anatomy of a Newspaper with an introduction to Writing News Articles by SOCOM junior officer, Ms Jessica Oata. Her session was aimed at educating the students on the different parts of a newspaper that play a vital role and why news is important.

Ms Abigail Seta, SOCOM officer, focused on the 5W’s and 1H, the basic elements needed in newswriting and on the inverted pyramid in the second session. Following the session, the students were given the opportunity to write and present their articles.

According to Fr Ambrose Pereira sdb, SOCOM Secretary, there is the need to share the positive stories that occur every day. “The sensational news makes headlines, and is often highlighting violence, destruction and death. We need to share positive stories as we encounter people and that brings about a change of mentality in the minds of people. Our Catholic faith must find its place in our media landscape”, he said.

The third session then dwelt on photography where Fr Ambrose focused on capturing images that told a story of issues in the country and that also inspired a message of hope. The session also was based on camera basics, camera controls and lighting and composition.

Apart from the three sessions, the seminar was animated with prayer moments, games, dances, song, short activities, quizzes and presentations. “I liked the activities that we did and it was wonderful to work with different people learning new things at the seminar”, said Abigail Uia Kaisi, Marianville Secondary School, Bomana.

The student representatives were from 7 catholic institutions which consisted of Don Bosco Technological Institute, De La Salle Secondary School, Marianville Secondary School, Don Bosco Technical School, St Charles Lwanga Secondary School, La Salle Technical College and Limana Vocational Centre.

Comments from the participants:

- ‘I love the seminar as it educates us young people of Papua New Guinea to use the media a as platform to share good and positive messages that will be to the benefit of other’ – Theresa So-on, Participant, Marianville Secondary School, Bomana

- ‘The sessions were short yet effective. The deadlines set give us consistency and the ability to focus on the task ahead’. – Leo Paraha, Media animator, Don Bosco Technical School, Gabutu.

- ‘Inserting positive messages through the media inspires our participants to live good lives’ – Murray Misha, Media animator, Lasalle Technical Institute, Hohola.

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