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  • - Abigail Seta

Laity Commission board members inducted

Gordons, Port Moresby: The Laity Commission of the Catholic Bishops Conference inducted four new members to be on its board in a brief ceremony on Wednesday, 11th November.

Present to conduct the ceremony was Bp Otto Separy, Bishop of Bereina and Bishop Deputy for the Laity Commission together with Eva Wangihama, Laity Secretary.

The ceremony began with a reading out of the Terms of Reference by Bp Otto followed by the new members verbally agreeing to the terms and signing the form. A lighting of the candle to recite their pledges then ensued.

The new members are Secretary for Development, Marie Mondu, Secretary for Youth, Elizabeth Aribi, James Wanjik, Representative of the Catholic Professionals Society and Damasius Francis, National Charismatic Evangelism Ministry.

The members will serve for two years on the board.

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