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Increase in Government Ministries Self-Serving: Not in the Public Interest


The announcement by the Prime Minister and the Government for changes to the Prime Minister’s & the NEC Act to increase the number of Ministries is self-serving for the government MPs than for the common good and national interest, according to the President of the Catholic Professionals Society, Mr. Paul Harricknen.

It is also a mockery to the state of the economy and the people. There could be no justification at all. It is not in the national interest. It is only numbers game to keep in power come the 18 months grace period for VoNC. How much work is there requiring more ministries? What about the Vice Ministers, are these not enough? Do they want to take over the jobs of the bureaucrats, department heads and SOEs too? Do we expect more cash crop ministries? Who pays for such extra costs? Do the leaders feel the economic pains felt by the people? asked Mr. Harricknen.

Constant changes to the laws to accommodate parochial interests and political expediency is not good for the country. It reflects poorly of any good governance and investor confidence. A well performing government should have no reason to be afraid of a vote of noconfidence. There should be no reason to panic. Such provisions and the West Minster Parliamentary system of government were adopted in the Constitution to ensure that we do not have a despot in the office with absolute power.

The Society calls on the MPs take a conscience vote on this proposal. Political leaders must beware, people are watching, and God is watching too. Why try to gain the whole world at the expense of the people and loose one’s soul? Mark 8:36. God bless PNG.

Authorised for release by Paul Harricknen, OL


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