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  • Lucy Napitalai

Enlightenment activity on Gender Based Violence

DBTI Boroko, Port Moresby: On 1st July, during their weekly activity hour, students, and staff of Don Bosco Technological Institute (DBTI) Port Moresby had an advocacy program based on the much-discussed topic of Violence against Women.

Years one, two and three classes presented items that include PowerPoint and video presentations, essays, and skits of on various aspects relating to the topic. The program was intended to empower and enlighten students on the gravity of the issue of Gender Based Violence and to advocate for change.

In an essay entitled, “How to be proactive as a woman” Christopher Nakue stated, “Young women, if you are not treated right in your relationship, speak up. Stand for what you deserve and leave a toxic relationship. Be proactive as a woman”.

Here are two comments of students when asked of their views of the activity:

“I think the activity will help us a lot because as Bosconians pass out from here, they will turn to respect the women around them. We all come from a mother, and we have sisters so we must respect women.” - Lucas Clement (Yr. 1)

“The program is very relevant. Such activities will help us understand, enlightens us and gives us some sense of humanity to care for our women as they deserve to be treated righ”t. - Joshua Laundi (Yr.2)

All the activities and presentations were judged on the criteria of relevance of content, creativity and confidence.

The program concluded with the remarks of Mr. Andrew Inapi, Student Activities Coordinator who thanked everyone for their participation and encouraged the students to be responsible citizens.

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