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  • Trevor Pasman

Dignity of Women as God's Creation

Tuesday 16th February 2021

The Archbishop of Rabaul, Most Reverend Rochus Josef Tatamai MSC, in an address to Rabaul Deanery Catholic Women’s Association, highlighted the issue of contraception and abortion that is running rampant throughout the society.

Abp Tatamai reminded women of their dignity, their bodies and their gift of bringing forth new life as a blessing from God that no one should ever violate and desecrate.

He further stated that in the same way that Our Lady’s womb was sanctified by the conception of the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, all women share in that dignified ability to bring forth life in cooperation with the Holy Spirit.

Families and especially husbands and wives should be on guard at hospitals, clinics and against other organizations who try to persuade to women to take contraceptives and have abortions in the selfish interest of their health.

If women do not respect their own dignity and God’s creation in their own bodies, especially the gift to bring forth life into this world, they will incur consequences of their own making.”

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