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CBC SOCOM facilitates Seminar for Priests in the Archdiocese of Rabaul

Kokopo: The Social Communications Commission of the Catholic Bishops Conference recently facilitated a Social Communications workshop for more than 38 priests in the Archdiocese of Rabaul on August 7 to August 11.

The workshop was a success under the leadership of Sr Daisy Anne Lisania Augustine, the Secretary for the Social Communications Commission with the assistance of SOCOM media officers Ms Jessica Oata and Ms Ahisha Mangot.

On the first day of the workshop the priests and the SOCOM team were graced by the presence of the Archbishop of Rabaul most Reverend Rochus Josef Tatamai who expressed his support in his opening remarks to invest in priests with workshops like this to help them serve in this evolving world.

“This is the Year of the Priests in the Archdiocese, therefore, I would like to invest in my priests so that they can be formed and trained to be better communicators of the Gospel”, he said.

During the course of the workshop from Monday to Thursday, it was evident that the priests were overwhelmed with new skills and knowledge to accompany their work of evangelization.

The Workshop saw the priests learning about Communication Theology, Pastoral Communication, Church and Mass Media, Social Communication Evangelization, Corporate Communication of the Church and Public Relations, Communication Ethics and Evangelization through radio which was facilitated by Sr Daisy Anne Lisania.

While Videography especially filming and editing, Photography, News Stories, News Letters, News Writing Elements, Parish and Diocesan Bulletins was facilitated by Ms Oata and Ms Mangot.

During the Workshop the priests were able to do practical activities in relation to the topic facilitated. They were able to take pictures, film and edit, write news stories, identifying news values, using news elements, photography and videography guidelines as well as open discussions.

The priests were also given an opportunity to present their hard work and most of the elderly priests were appreciative as the workshop is mainly to do with how they can use media tools to evangelize in this modern world.

Many expressed that new technology is a challenge however with this training they can be able to use their simple mobile phones to create positive contents for their parishes.

The program concluded with a mass and certificate presentations.

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