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CBC PNGSI SOCOM Secretary: Artificial Intelligence vs Wisdom of the Heart

Port Moresby: The Catholic Bishops Conference of Papua New Guinea & Solomon Islands Social Communications Commission commemorated the Feast of St Francis de Sales along with other Papua New Guinea media outlets with an open-forum discussion on the topic: “Bringing the Voice of Children and their Issues to the Society”.

Picture: SOCOM Secretary Sr Daisy Anne Lisania Augustine MSC

Addressing the media personnel as the first speaker was CBC PNGSI SOCOM’s Secretary, Sr. Daisy Anne Lisania Augustine MSC who opened the discussion with the message on ‘having the power of Will’.

Sr Daisy quoted the Pope, “we have the freedom to do good or evil; yet to make the choice of doing evil is not use, but to abuse our freedom”. With which she gave an example to be what is now known as the ‘Black Wednesday’.

Stood to be true, the participants of the massive looting across the city during the ‘Black Wednesday’ included children and young people and challenged all present to help take responsibility in terms of a child’s development.

“A small act of kindness goes a long way for child”, she said.

Introducing the theme for World Communication’s Day as ‘Artificial Intelligence & Wisdom of the Heart; For a Fully Human Communication’, she explained the new evolution of having AI as something to consider.

The main point stressed during the SOCOM Secretary’s talk was the importance of giving awareness to the people on the usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially for collaborative work to have a task being completed.

“It is important to guide artificial intelligence and algorithm so that there is…a responsible awareness of the use and development of these different forms of communication that go hand in hand with social media and internet”, elaborated Sister Daisy.

“It is necessary for communication to be oriented towards a fuller life of a human person”, she added.

Sr Daisy also highlighted the declining trust sentiments in Traditional News sources with personalized content becoming the driving force of new media which results in competition for audience.

To conclude her talk, she encouraged the media personnel to fight threats from other mediums such as AI and continue doing their jobs with diligence.

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