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CBC Commission Secretaries Second Meeting 2022

Port Moresby: The Commission Secretaries of the CBC PNG&SI recently concluded their 2nd meeting for the year.

It was held from the 18-19th October at the CBC head office in Port Moresby.

A total of 11 Secretaries, Bishop Rozario Menezes of the Diocese of Lae and the staff of the Office of the General Secretary attended this meeting.

The main purpose of this bi-annual meeting was to gather and report on the activities done in the year, have general sharing on how to help each other and plan for better collaboration with their counterparts in the dioceses.

Some of the highlights from this meeting included the presentation of the Conference Pastoral Plan 2 (CPP2) by Secretary for New Evangelization Fr. Victor Roche SVD after it was launched last month during the annual Bishops’ workshop.

The CPP 2 (2022-2027) was proposed from the General Assembly held in Mingende, Diocese of Kundiawa early this year and will set the course for the Church in the 5 years with the vision of “We, the Catholic Church in PNGSI are Alive in Christ, witnessing the Love of God in Synodality as Salt and Light in the World.”

Fr. Victor and his team have plans to roll out awareness to all in the dioceses and reach those at the grassroots level. The Secretaries thanked his commission and formulation committee for the tremendous work put into this.

Another highlight of this meeting was the opportunity to meet with Ms. Anne Knoerzer, Ms. Stephanie Schueller of the Catholic donor agencies Missio Aachen and Missio Munich as well as their counterpart Ms. Julia Ratzmann from the Lutheran Church agency from Germany. They shared some current updates with the Secretaries for funding pastoral projects in the next year onwards. Fr. Giorgio then thanked them on behalf of everyone especially for the generosity of the Catholic faithful in Germany and for their time to visit PNG.

In conclusion, all sharing for collaboration and journeying in Synodality among the Secretaries as well as the dioceses were noted for action in 2023.

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