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Catholics Embrace Palm Sunday and embark on Holy Week journey

Honiara: Catholics across the nation joined in unity on March 24th, 2024, to observe Palm Sunday, marking the commencement of Holy Week, the sacred period leading up to Easter. At Holy Cross Cathedral, a significant congregation gathered for the Holy Mass to commemorate Jesus Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem. The 9am Mass, presided over by His Grace Archbishop Christopher Cardone OP, was a vibrant and spirit-filled liturgy, enriched by the participation of Deacon Bradley and an Australian Defense Force Chaplain, along with the energetic contributions of Holy Cross Cathedral Youth.

The day's liturgy began at 9:00 am with a poignant blessing and procession of palms, symbolizing the palm branches laid down before Jesus as he entered Jerusalem. His Grace Archbishop Christopher Cardone OP delivered a heartfelt homily, urging parishioners to deepen their prayers throughout Holy Week.

"This week, as we embark on the journey of Holy Week, let us express gratitude to God for his life, death, and resurrection," emphasized His Grace Archbishop Christopher Cardone OP. He further encouraged the faithful to actively participate in the upcoming Easter Triduum, a series of liturgical ceremonies commemorating the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

"Participating in the Easter Triduum will foster the growth of Faith, Hope, and Love within us," he remarked, urging attendees to dedicate this time to prayer and reflection, aligning their will with God's.

His Grace Archbishop Christopher Cardone OP outlined the schedule for Holy Week at Holy Cross Cathedral, including Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil, and Easter Sunday. On Holy Thursday, March 28th, Holy Cross Parish will commemorate the Last Supper with a Mass at 7:00 pm, honoring the tradition of Jesus washing his disciples' feet.

Good Friday, March 29th, will witness a solemn enactment of the Passion of Christ by the youth of Holy Cross, starting at 8:00 am within the Holy Cross Compound. The day will culminate in the Veneration of the Cross at 3:00 pm, a time for sorrowful reflection and fasting.

Easter Vigil, occurring on Holy Saturday, March 30th, will mark the end of Lent with a Mass at 7:00 pm, symbolizing the anticipation of Jesus Christ's resurrection. Finally, Easter Sunday, March 31st, will be celebrated with the joyous commemoration of Jesus' resurrection, featuring Holy Mass following the usual Sunday schedule.

As Holy Cross Cathedral embarks on this sacred journey through Holy Week, the faithful are invited to embrace prayer, reflection, and communal worship, embodying the essence of the Easter season.

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