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Laity reminded of 'New Evagelization' Significance

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 -       Rosemary Yambune


Port Moresby: An animated session of information and discussion on ‘New Evangelization’ was held on Saturday, June 22nd at St Josephs, Boroko.


Bp Otto Separy the Bishop for Evangelization Commission and his Deputy, Bp Rolando Santos, the Bishop of Alotau- Sideia were present for the session. Laypeople, members of the Catholic Professionals society, seminarians and parishioners of St Josephs participated in the discussions.


Fr Victor Roche svd, secretary of the New Evangelization commission dwelt on the definition of New Evangelization. He outlined the need to strengthen our Catholic Faith and how the Laity, priests, and religious can be New Evangelisers.


Fr Victor dwelt on a brief history of evangelization. He emphasized that new evangelization refers to new ardour, a new method and new expressions.  The audience was given time to discuss and present feedback on the positive aspects of the catholic church, the challenges, and the possible solutions to the challenges.


Fr Victor also highlighted the “Kerygma Program” which would be presented during the Annual General Meeting for Bishops to approve, before it would be shared to the dioceses for incorporation and evangelizing.


The lively, inclusive yet interesting talk captured the attention of the audience of nearly a hundred people in the room. “The challenge is with you and me, what do I do to make a difference and what will you do to make a difference,” concluded Fr Victor.

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