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CPS Affirms Stand Against LGBTQ Promotion

CPS Makes Statement Against Same Sex Unions

-       Nigel Akuani


Port Moresby: The promotion of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) flag is perceived to influence our government and country into an agenda that is against our faith, beliefs, and values.


Mr Paul Harricknen, President of the Catholic Professional Society, presented the LGBTQ issue at a press conference on 21st May, at the Catholic Bishops Conference, Gordons. The statement followed after various foreign organisations operating within Papua New Guinea recently raised the controversial ‘rainbow flag’ to show their support for LGBTQ Groups. 


Mr Harricknen urged for leaders of the government, civil services, churches and people, to become vigilant and aggressive against foreign aid donors and organisations whose policies could potentially harm the Christian fabric of Papua New Guinean societies. “Be vigilant against any blind reception of advices, terms, and conditions from funding givers that are aimed at eroding and destroying our founding values, morality, beliefs and faith,” he said. He reminded all about the criminal offence on homosexuality and warned the government against any proposal to change the marriage law of the country. 


He told of how these office buildings raised the flag without authorization and approval from the PNG Government, and said the press conference was an occasion to make a clear statement against this practice. “We cannot afford to be complacent to allow foreign organisations and governments to influence laws and policies against our faith, beliefs, values and morality. We are a Christian country and have a moral duty to respect and protect our values, beliefs and faith,” he said.

Ms Eva Wangihama, Laity Secretary of CBCPNGSI, dwelled on the significance of marriage between ‘man and woman’ instituted by God and the purpose of procreation. “Marriage is a divine institution intended for the continuity of the human race and LGBTQ only raises questions and doubts in the stance of procreation,” she said. She described the raising of the flag as a threat to the country’s sovereignty.

Ms Marie Mondu, Development Secretary of CBCPNGSI, told of how many of programs implemented to resolve the country’s development issues came from foreign aid, and cautioned the government not to take their agendas lightly. “We must take ownership of our development, cut our dependence on foreign grants so that we do not succumb to their political agenda and ideals,” she said.

CPS Member, Mr Michael Varapik, highlighted the existence of LGBTQ communities in the country and said, “Let us not ostracize or turn our backs to them but let us guide and work together with them,” he said.

Pastor Jack Edward, from the Shema Evangelism Ministry, commended the efforts of CPS and said that changing the lifestyles of these groups of people could be achieved through the Word and experience of God. 

Moderating the conference was Fr Ambrose Pereira sdb, Social Communications Secretary of CBCPNGSI. He said that the public statement by CPS was not in any way intended to create anger or violence toward the LGBTQ Groups. “We do not condemn those who have an LGBTQ orientation.  However, we are here to defend morals, faith, values and beliefs. We are here as Christians, who believe in God and we want to make known our position clear and ensure that what our beliefs as a Christian country respected,” he said.

An audience of 63 people were present showed their support and concern, all from various Church denominations, media organizations, government departments and NGO’s. The Press Conferecne was broadcast on Radio Maria and live streamed on facebook. The conference ended with a closing prayer given by Fr Giorgio Licini PIME, General Secretary of CBCPNGSI.

1 Mr Paul Harricknen President CPS.jpg

Mr Paul Harricknen, CPS President

1 Audience 2.jpg

Mr Michael Varapik, CPS Member


Ms Marie Mondu, Secretary of Development CBCPNGSI


Pastor Jack Edward, Shema Evangelism Ministry

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