Churches Institutional Strengthening Program (CISP)

This year 2020 marks the 13th successive year in the functioning of the Churches Institutional Strengthening Program (CISP). This was highlighted by CISP Secretary, Ms Marie Mondu, on Monday 27th April. 


CISP is a Commission under the Catholic Bishops Conference of PNGSI, responsible for the formation of Catholic Church Administrative functions to improve good governance. According to Ms Mondu the commission first started off as a project office in 2007, and by 2017 after an evaluation, the Annual General Meeting passed the resolution that it become a Commission supported by a Board.


The current Board Executive Members are: 

1. Bishop Rolando Santos – Chair;

2. Bishop Otto Separy - Deputy Chair;

3. Ms Mondu Marie - Secretary and

4. Mr Jimmy Son – Treasurer.


It is CISP's hope that by improving professionalism in its Board of Management Affairs, the same practice can be adapted and mainstreamed to other Commission Board and Diocesan HQ Board practices. These levels of leadership are crucial to assist in the smooth flow of services that the Catholic Church delivers. 

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